Merino Mesh Bra 2.0 - black

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Our beloved Merino Mesh Bra, for the girlies that need a little more support and coverage. Ideal for cup size C,D and ,DD.  Our wireless bra has a beautiful rose gold front closure, adjustable straps and deep V neckline providing an effortless, relaxed and feminine cut. 

Chosenwoven's signature mesh molds and stretches to your shape without the use of spandex (plastic)! Freedom from wires without compromising stability. 

    Size: XS
    Soft to the touch, good for your body, and easy on the planet.   


    Why Merino Wool?


    Wool fibers are naturally crimped, which create tiny pockets of air that allow for breathability. Lingerie that lets you breathe prevents irritation, chafing and discomfort. 


    Because of the crimped cellular structure of wool, and our fabrics combination with tencel, which is cooling and breathable, our fabric is self-cleaning, as bacteria is unable to grow on it.

    Odor Resistant

    Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool does not trap odors, but instead neutralizes them. This makes wool an ideal fabric for lingerie, as it helps keep the garment fresh and hygienic.

    Temperature Regulating

    Wool helps regulate body temperature. In cold weather, the fibers trap heat and keep the body warm. In warm weather, the fibers wick away moisture and keep the body cool.


    Ethically & Sustainably Made

    Wool sourced ethically. Knitting Process with zero waste. Only the best for you, and our planet.