Winter 2023

Discover our 1st collection of our exquisitely knit  fine merino wool intimates


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Merino Hipster - forestMerino Hipster - forest
Merino Hipster - forest Sale price$88.00
Merino Mesh Hi WaistMerino Mesh Hi Waist
Merino Mesh Hi Waist Sale price$108.00
Merino Racerback Bralette - CinnamonMerino Racerback Bralette - Cinnamon
Merino Racerback Bralette - Wild LilacMerino Racerback Bralette - Wild Lilac
Merino Mesh Bra - forestMerino Mesh Bra - forest
Merino Mesh Bra - forest Sale price$118.00
Merino Mesh Bra - pearlMerino Mesh Bra - pearl
Merino Mesh Bra - pearl Sale price$118.00
Merino Mesh Bra - blackMerino Mesh Bra - black
Merino Mesh Bra - black Sale price$128.00
Merino Hipster - blackMerino Hipster - black
Merino Hipster - black Sale price$88.00
Merino Racerback Bralette - BlackMerino Racerback Bralette - Black
Merino Racerback Bralette - Black Sale priceFrom $118.00
Merino All Mesh Cheeky - Wild LilacMerino All Mesh Cheeky - Wild Lilac
Merino All Mesh Cheeky - ForestMerino All Mesh Cheeky - Forest
Merino All Mesh Cheeky - CinnamonMerino All Mesh Cheeky - Cinnamon
Merino All Mesh Cheeky - PearlMerino All Mesh Cheeky - Pearl
Merino Hipster - cinnamonMerino Hipster - cinnamon
Merino Hipster - cinnamon Sale price$88.00
Merino Hipster - wild lilacMerino Hipster - wild lilac
Merino Hipster - pearlMerino Hipster - pearl
Merino Hipster - pearl Sale price$88.00
Merino All Mesh Cheeky - BlackMerino All Mesh Cheeky - Black
Merino Racerback Bralette - PearlMerino Racerback Bralette - Pearl
Merino Classic Bikini - pearlMerino Classic Bikini - pearl
Merino Classic Bikini - BlackMerino Classic Bikini - Black
Merino Classic Bikini - cinnamonMerino Classic Bikini - cinnamon
Merino Classic Bikini - wild lilacMerino Classic Bikini - wild lilac
Merino Mesh Bra - wild lilacMerino Mesh Bra - wild lilac
Merino Mesh Bra - cinnamonMerino Mesh Bra - cinnamon
Merino Mesh Bra - cinnamon Sale price$128.00
Merino Mesh Bra 2.0 - blackMerino Mesh Bra 2.0 - black
Merino Mesh Bra 2.0 - black Sale price$128.00
Merino Mesh Bra 2.0 - forestMerino Mesh Bra 2.0 - forest
Merino Mesh Bra 2.0 - cinnamonMerino Mesh Bra 2.0 - cinnamon
Merino Mesh Bra 2.0 - wild lilacMerino Mesh Bra 2.0 - wild lilac

Our Intimates fit your Natural Shape, not the other way around.

Our ChosenWoven signature stitching molds and stretches to fit your shape comfortably without any spandex or plastics.